Céju, sensitive ceramics.

Behind Céju, Juliette who chose to launch into ceramics in December 2021 by claiming her self-taught status.
"I prioritize work based on instinct and emotion, which grants me the audacity to take risks, even if it means stumbling and failing. This naivety allows me to experiment with unorthodox construction techniques at times, but it's in this freedom that I find pleasure in creating."
The white and chaotic rocks that line the coast on the outskirts of Marseille, the city where she is basedexert on her an aesthetic appeal that she transcribes  into her creations with rugged shapes. It is also in a founding trip to South Korea that Juliette draws her taste for a design that is both minimalist and playful.
Faithful to her values ​​of simplicity, she seeks for each of her creations to juxtapose a refined form with an unconventional, original and quirky element.
It is this almost childish attraction to disproportions that best characterizes Céju's creations: cups with oversized or naive handles,  irregular edges,or repeated shapes ...
Céju's creations are exclusively modeled by hand. Each object is therefore in principle unique.

As an anxious person, my goal is to create comforting and soothing objects to bring beauty into your lives.